RTS with flat models:

  • ottomans,
  • russians,
  • nords,
  • Britons,
  • Japans
  • Elves

Not an issue, save Elvish. What are Elves based off? may need new models.

Assur : Desert Faction Assurian Elves, known as Asmer, relies on their knowledge on light and dark magic in the battlefield. They tend to Send Apprentices into the Battle. They also can harness the power of the Moon and Stars to turn the tides of war. The Imperials : Europe Factions the Imperials relies on the strength of their Cavalries and their Footmen strength. Imperial also make use of Science and Experimentation to be more superior in the battlefield. The Unrests : Undead Faction the Undead relies on numbers, their units are weak but trains fast and cheap so they can swarm you easily, They also can summon their master, the Demons to aid the battlefield

Architecture and Units Ref

Assur GoT Refs : Qarth, Astapor, Yunkai Elder Scrolls : Chimer, Dwemer, Dunmer (Morrowind) Real Life : Ottomans ?

Imperials GoT Refs : Kings Landing Elder Scrolls : Imperial City Real Life : Byzants ? Rome ?

The Unrest LoTR Evil Architecture GoT Night King Real Life : uh... nothing

Building List : Stripped Down Rise of Nations

Castle Act as Town Center Cities Act as House, can be upgraded, can be fortified, can expand and build buildings inside it ( Total War like City Management ) Military Compound Train All Military Units University Research Techs Fortress Watchtowe but superior Watchtower Cheap Watchtower Quarry Self Explanatory Lumberyard Self Explanatory Farmyard Self Explanatory(edited) the GoT inspired RTS Drafts building shape and tiles is hexagonal